• Enjoy sunlight with us! 與我們一起打造戶外布料的防日曬體驗!

發展歷程/Our Story

20年前,從歐洲和日本開始提倡環保,我們便開始著手開發符合環保的戶外面料,以夠滿足來自世界各地的需求。我們承襲珍妮機的創新精神,不斷鑽研開發,市面上的面料多半因為染料不純而無法維持色牢度,我們因此開發色紡技術,進一步了解環保和使用性。 Our RND team in Weimas has been constantly concentrating to find the way to enhance the colors of our fabrics provided that performs better than or equally as the Acrylic fabrics, to enable our customers to have an alternative choice on outdoors furniture set

  •  Elegant Hand Feel 擺脫面料的刻版印象, 材料呈現毛絨感, 戶外家具也能變得輕鬆有趣
  •  UV Resistance and BV's Certification 抵禦毒辣陽光不留餘力
  • High Quality Raw Material 色紡讓顏色豔麗持久!

聯繫韋貿 Contact Weimas

上海韋貿將色織布的技術應用在戶外家具上,推出防日曬面料,享受戶外休閒,即使豔陽高照,也不影響您寶貴的午茶時光,各種時尚的顏色與充滿立體感的多樣化選擇,讓家具能夠做出個性的搭配,舒適柔軟,環保日曬面料,是源自1989的歷史。 Since 1989, Weipu Textile Enterprise Co., Ltd started a long journey in professional manufacturing outdoor fabrics in Taiwan. Since we have Influenced by the passionate Formosa Island atmosphere , we insists on the strict production standards to provide the customers with the state-of-art outdoor quality outdoor fabrics for a steady quality guarantee and customer services.

  • 地址 Address:上海市闵行区虹井路280弄2号虹桥晶座407 Room407,Hongqiao Crystal Base,Hong Jing Road Lane 280 No.2,Minghang District, Shanghai
  • 電話 Tel:+86-21-59585498
  • 電郵 Email:shanghai.weimas@outlook.com

Let us help you to choose your fabric, we provide Solution dyed polyester, olefin, and Acrylic。

  • Enjoy Summer 防日曬面料
  • Soft and delicate舒適柔軟,满足客戶需求
  • Test Reports and other certification色織布產品相關報告

我們的服務 Our Service

Spuncrylic-Solution Dyed Polyester 台灣色織滌綸系列

Spuncrylic provides an elegant touch and impression for your outdoor furniture for a long supporting time. A 3-5 years warranty could be guaranteed with the fabrics."耐久舒適, 3-5年防曬面料, 是源自1989的歷史"。

Safezone-Double Side Fabric 雙面遮陽系列

A unique 2 sides design gives customer a fresh outdoors experiences. Outside is Solid color and inside could be any pattern as your designs. Let’s Enjoy a flora sky about you when sitting under a Safezone umbrella. Each side is a splendid landscape. Safezone擁有獨特兩面訂制, 單色、花形可自由搭配, 風格炫麗多變,外層素色長效持久, 風雨無阻,在傘下享受花影晴空, 每一面都是不同的風景。

Acrylic Fabric-Formosol 晴綸亞克力系列

We have proudly introduced acrylic fabric with new technology from Taiwan; it can be used on apparel to most kind of home furnishings 傳承自1800年的工藝,我們隆重推出晴綸布,是來自台灣的精神與堅持。

No Water Pollution Piece Dyed Fabric 無汙水染色面料

As another environmental friendly product, we have produced the new piece dyed technology, no water pollution with beautiful color. 我們致力於嶄新的無汙水排放新科技、不含有害物質、水洗色牢度,顏色鮮豔動人。

Olefin 丙綸布

 Olefin is a safe and breathable fabric that made from natural fibers with Excellent UV protection, it’s suitable to use on cushion and umbrellas 別讓紫外線傷害您, 長久照射皮膚會出現紅斑、炎症、皮膚老化,嚴重者可引起皮膚癌, 本款布料UPF50+,適用於各式戶外傢俱, 包括折疊遮陽篷、太陽傘, 折疊藤制家具。

Pigment Printing Fabric 防日曬圓網印花面料

Printing by Taiwan pigment, colorfastness can reached up to 400-500 hours 3-4 grade, it's time to create your own design。能夠印製各種花形以及素色。

Classic logo

Classic logo

Our classic Logo
Spuncrylic-Outdoor Fabric!

Spuncrylic-Outdoor Fa

Spuncrylic 是 Solution Dyed 的


Spunspun: 是涤纶短纤维,短
Olefin 丙綸布

Olefin 丙綸布

Olefin 是 Solution Dyed 的 po


Formosol Acrylic Fabric

Formosol Acrylic Fabr

Formosol 是我们新开发的

" Spuncrylic provides an elegant touch and impression for your outdoor furniture for a long supporting time. A 3-5 years warranty could be guaranteed with the fabrics!"

Positive feedback from our customers

Enjoy Summer, Enjoy Sunlight!

為什麼選擇韋貿? Why to choose Weimas?


Environmental Friendly 環保布料

Spuncrylic Fabric is made by 100% Solution Dyed to avoid use of Fluorine and heavy metal, waste water pollution。

UV Resistance UV防曬效果

Color Keeps for many years! We believe that your dream Furniture is made from the best fabric with deluxe hand feel and durability。

Breathable and Elegant 合適手感

Our Fabric has breathable hand feel, with rain proof coating. No question, this is the fabric that you are looking for。

Water Repellent/Water Resistance 荷葉防潑水效果

Spilled drinks on Furniture? Don't worry, wine stain could be easy cleaned! Spuncrylic is suitable for your home and outdoor applications。